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Eco friendly Roof Coatings

Over time, dirt, moss and algae will gather on the roof tiles, not only does this look unsightly but it can also cause the tiles to weaken and rain water may gather which will eventually penetrate the tiles causing problems.  We provide roof cleaning services to not only remove all the grime, moss and algae etc. from the roof tiles but we also offer eco friendly roof coatings which will improve the look of your roof and provide a little protection for the tiles for longer.  Roof maintenance will help keep your roof in good condition and offer more protection for your home/building and help to prolong its life span.

When cleaning the roof we are careful to use a gentler approach so as not to damage any tiles.

Roof coatings also make a big difference if you have had some tiles replaced, they will stand out from the rest of the roof and so by applying a roof coating will make them more uniform and blend in.

Preparation - first we cleaned the roof to remove any dirt, moss etc.

Then we applied the roof coating.

During - what a difference it makes

Finished - first impressions - it looks like a new roof. The replaced tiles now blend in with the older tiles.

Roof Coating