Primeline Roofing and Building Ltd carry out all gutter repairs, upgrades, new installations


A blocked gutter can spell annoying puddles of water around your house in the best case scenario, and in the worst case can lead to flooding and water damage to your walls or roof.

We provide environmentally friendly and UV protected UPVC roofline and PVC rainwater products, high quality rainwater systems.

Do you need your gutters checked?

Bad Pipes and bad connections can be replaced.

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Guttering Services

Call us if you need to have your gutters upgraded. 

These are available in White UPVC, Brown, Black and Caramel.

The Black & Brown PVC Guttering can be co-extruded with a White interior.

Replacing your homes Guttering and Down Pipes,

(Normally done at the same time as upgrading fascias and soffits),

is a great way to transform the way it looks from the outside,

as well as making it more practical

We provide a gutter repair service or a complete gutter upgrade. 

The gutters provide an essential function, they divert the rainwater from the roof and direct it into the down pipes where it enters the drainage system.  If the gutters get blocked i.e. from debris, leaves, moss etc. this can stop the flow of the water and cause problems such as, dampness and even instability of building structure if the water drips onto the brickwork, or indeed the ground at building level.

These problems can be avoided by having your gutters checked and cleaned.

We install Gutter Guards.